16th Jul 2013

Surprise, surprise…intelligence is not something the government does, its something private companies do. And they make bilions of government contracts. But how successful have they been and is this really worth your tax dollars?

25th Apr 2013

The 4 headwinds for American society: Demography, Education, Debt, Inequality.

At least 3 of them are completely in our hands to chance. The latter is the one this blog focuses on.

14th Apr 2013

How much do you love your country?

26th Mar 2013

Richard Wulff gets it to the point: “banks looting their costumers”. Whereever you look, the normal citizen pays the bill of bank risk. Capitalism for the poor, Socialism for the rich. Head I win, Tail you loose. Call it what you want to call it, its just insane what our system has become.